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Two typographical errors appeared in Robert B. Wolf, Estate Planning with Total Return Trusts, that appeared at 36 REAL PROP., PROB. & TR. J. 169 in the Summer, 2001, issue of the Journal. The correct text is set out below. The Editorial Board of the Journal apologizes for any inconvenience that these errors may have caused our readers.

1. Paragraph B. on page 284 of the Article should read as set out below. Changes from the original are printed in italics.

B. Unitrust amount. The trustee shall pay to my _______________in each year of this trust ("trust year") during h_____ life a unitrust amount equal to ______ (___%) percent of the average of the fair market values of the trust as of the close of the first business day of the trust year (or the date of first funding for the first trust year) and the two previous trust years (or such lesser number of trust years as are available for the first two years of the trust) ("unitrust amount"). In the case of a short tax year, the unitrust amount shall be calculated as set forth in subparagraph C below. In the case of contributions to or distributions from the trust, including initial funding, the unitrust amount shall be determined as set forth in subparagraph D below. [Non-accrual alternative: The obligation to pay the unitrust amount shall cease with the last regular payment before my ___________ death.]

2. In the third line of page 292 of the Article, the word "wealthiest" should read "wealthier."

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