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NumberCruncher Networked Installations

There are a few network issues that may be of interest:

Help Files

There is a problem with a recent Microsoft Windows security patch because it blocks access to CHM files that are stored on a network drive. CHM files are HTML help files that are used with the Windows help system and they are the only file type now supported for use in Windows Help.

One solution to this problem is to allow users to copy the help files to their local hard drives, where they can be viewed normally. The NumberCruncher program can copy the files for the user if the user executes the “Help/Copy Help Files” menu choice.

We have also developed a utility that network administrators can use to alter the “ItssRestrictions” registration in order to permit the viewing of certain HTML help files across the network. Please send an email to if you would like a copy of this utility.

If the help files are maintained on a network drive, it may be necessary to tell the NumberCruncher program where the files are located. This can be done within the program by selecting “File/Location of Files/Help Files” from the program menu.


The program maintains a file named AFR.XML for interest rates used in various calculations. By default, that file is saved in the program directory. If you wish to save that file on a network drive, select “Edit/AFR Rates” from the program menu and then click on the "Change File Location" button in the toolbar of the "Applicable Federal Mid-Term 120% Annual Rates" window.

Data Files

By default, the program will save individual user data files on a directory on the local hard drive. If you wish to save data files on a network drive, select “File/Location of Files/Data Files” from the program menu.


Questions about networked installations can be addressed to or by telephone to 412-279-2121.

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